How to get more money in London…

September 9, 2015

I’ve lived in London for over four years and I am not immune to the expense that seems to come with this fast living city.  Recently I have started to clean up my stuff in anticipation to moving to my own flat.  This coupled with a strict savings strategy to get that ridiculous deposit required for a London flat has seen me test some ways of making additional money but still feel like I am living in this city.

I thought I would share with you my experiences on different money saving and trying to bring in additional money to give you some food for thought.

Getting a second job

Where it be pulling pints in a bar, the cloak room girl for a club or shift in the local takeaway I did consider this option.  The advantage of this is that you spend some of your ‘spare’ time in someone else heating bill and for me less time online shopping!  However taking on a second job ultimately wasn’t something I could do as the wage vs tax didn’t make the solution beneficial.

Sell your old gold and silver

I love the tv show Posh Pawn and when I was recently cleaning out my room I had a small pile of old chains and gold bits that I don’t wear.  Heck I thought I’d pop over to Posh Pawn and get some money for them.  I had a great chat with the team but unfortunately my stash was only worth £14!  Turns out there are a number of factors that have decreased the price of precious metals recently including the ability to buy cheap jewels on the high street.  This has devalued the real stuff as there is now an entire generation who are not interested in long lasting pieces.  I made the trade anyway as I figure I am better off having a free lunch then things I wouldn’t really wear!  Make sure you take your passport and something that proves your address as they are all about following the rules.

Medical Testing

Another one I considered after some research however timings didn’t work for me.  There are a lot of medications being tested in the UK at the moment that are already used here but need answers for the EU countries or the US.  There can be significant money made into the thousands if you are interested but you need to read all the fine print and see if you are comfortable with the risks.  Surprisingly the UK sperm bank just announced they are on the hunt for new donors because they are currently relying on only 9 men in the whole country!

Mystery Shopping

This is a winner for me.  Being paid to shop or eat and getting freebies is a winner.  You don’t get paid much for the work but if you fit it into what you are planning during the week it becomes a bonus.  Typically the remuneration for the shopping or food is covered and for me this is smart as someone else is paying your food budget.  You do have to write a report afterwards but I find this takes a maximum of half an hour.  Give it a go!

Sweaty Betty Free Classes

I love SB clothes and always by in their sales.  What many people don’t know is that they have free workout classes once or twice a week in every store.  You just need to work out which store you can get to, ring them the day before and get on the list.  They are really popular but it’s worth making the effort and potentially cancelling your gym membership!

Good luck saving money.  I’d love to hear how else you do it.



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