Meet Pretentious Fringe

Pretentious Fringe


My name is Jessica and I am an Australian living in London who recently became a British Citizen.  In 2013 I did a course called ‘Do What You Love for Life’ and realised that photography, writing and sharing was a passion of mine.

I’ve enjoyed reading since I was young, often called a book worm, and when I was a teenager I even had a part time job in a newsagent.  Keen to read everything on hand I volunteered for the 5am ghost shift so that I could digest all the monthly magazines!

I am a registered humanist, fan of getting out and learning new things, travelling within the UK and abroad, and socialising with friends whilst eating new foods.  One day I dream of moving out of the corporate world, writing full time and making ceramics.

I’ve brought my own London apartment and love making things to put in it.  I love cheese and pastries, enjoy eating twirls, living in a country with distinct seasons, dogs not cats and making crafty things.

Why Pretentious Fringe?  One New Years Eve, many years ago, a young man ambled up to me declaring he was about to chat me up.  The next sentence that he muttered accused me of being pretentious, but not me he clarified, it was my fringe.  Safe to say I swiftly bid farewell and headed back to the dance floor with a great social media name and had a fun time with friends!

Thanks for checking out my piece of the web and if you want to get in touch please do by messaging me through instagram or emailing contact(@)pretentiousfringe(dot) com.  If you are interested in my professional skills click here.