Weekly Round Up

The Week Round Up…

September 21, 2018

Well this week has been incredibly busy at work as I’ve taken on more projects that people were ignoring and my work load has doubled!  It has impacted my personal life, ability to write and think, which always has a knock on to my mental health and sleep patterns.  I got to the gym once which really helped with the mental strain.

Monday was a success in the ceramics studio and I produced three bowls, finished eight pots and a couple of cheese boards!  Tuesday I headed to Donna Wilson’s pop up shop launch with a new friend Lana.  We had such a lovely time and it was fun to see all the creatures lined up on the wall.  My digital curfew has gone out the window most of the week and I’ve just had to accept that.  Wednesday I went to the V&A and heard Stan Smith speak about his new book, Some People Think  I Am A Shoe*!  He has so many great stories and it was magical walking around the back of the V&A after hours!

My friend Lucy Lucrafts Podcast, What She Said, is back for its third season and the first three episodes I’ve had to pause to write down notes.  If you are interested in seo, affiliate marketing and body positivity this podcast is one to subscribe to.  Lucy also has two very popular online courses, starting a podcast and understanding seo.

The V&A just launched their new exhibition on Videogames and the feedback on social is resoundingly positive.  I’ve put it in the diary to go in the next week.  Last year I invested in a membership and it is one of the best things I did.  VIP walk in to exhibitions, all of them, and access to member talks.

Sarah Powell revealed a top tip to buy Stan Smiths cheap on her instagram and I’m going to try it!

Craft is going to save us all.  It doesn’t judge and you don’t have to be good at it.

I updated my leopard print shoes in time for autumn.  I’d burned the previous pair into the ground and it was time for a refresh.

Vicky’s Donuts is at Oliver Bonus today and I’m off to get this one, or this one or maybe these!

Have a lovely weekend.  PF xo


Weekly Round Up

The Week Round Up…

September 14, 2018

This week has been quiet compared to the past few.  I’ve been to the ceramics studio and made a bunch of pots to sell.  I have mastered the wheel!  Last weekend I did a lot of work on this site and my ceramics one.  I even went to the gym twice!

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Why You’re Not Getting That Pay Rise…

September 12, 2018

With Teresa May announcing the pay rises of the public sector a firestorm of articles have hit us, promising to deliver tried and true steps that will result in increased wages.  Time and time again I was left frustrated, presenting my accomplishments throughout my 15 years in advertising agencies, only to be told that this work was expected of me.  I hadn’t gone beyond when I had tripled my revenue targets.  Winning an international award that the company promoted wasn’t enough.  The worst was when I was called childish.  Spluttered by my boss, after I pushed for justification why the pay rise wasn’t forthcoming, again.  ‘It’s just business’, he muttered.

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